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  • Siyakhanyisa- 20W 4-Light DC Solar Home Power System
  • 20W Thin Film Solar Modules with antishock corner protection.
  • 4 x 3W LED bulbs with ES bulb holders- One LED strip light IP65 rated for outside usage
  • Complete 10m cabling, swithes and connectors
  • 12V/12AH Deep Cycle Battery
  • Overload, Overvoltage, OverCurrent Protection
  • Mounting assembly
  • Instruction manual in English, Africaans, ISIzulu
  • South African Design and Development for Rural and Informal Settlements
  • Over 35 000 units sold reliable and high quality
  • Fuse protection-replacable
  • Cellphone charging
  • RCL cigarette lighter access point for 2A/12VDC limit
  • USB access point with 2A/12VDC limit
  • External battery charging point
  • DIY-friendly assembly with packaging for transport and shipment
Product specifications and appearance may change without notice due to ongoing product development by manufacturers | Contact ZRW Mechanika for more detailed information and pricing
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